Stock training plans Customized to user PL?

Hey all,

I was just taking a look at the stock training plans for the first time in a while. It looks like maybe they are tailored to user PL, and least before starting?

My understanding is that they don’t use any adaptation, but am wondering if they initialize based on user PL. Did I miss an update on these somewhere?

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Hey there! Our individual Training Plans do now adapt just like Plan Builder plans. This was not the case during Adaptive Training’s beta period but it is true now. And as you’ve noticed, the plan preview takes your current Levels into account!


Cool! Sorry if I missed the announcement.

Very nice feature.



Since the individual training plans are now customized based on your current PLs, it would be great if TR updated the plans to show the intent / intended Difficulty level for each workout. The idea is that when you actually get to a specific day in the plan, the actual workout you will do has a fair likelihood of being different than original set. But knowing the original intent (e.g., Stretch), and the current intent (e.g., Productive) would be helpful to understand what AT is doing. Is it changing the intent of specific workouts because it sees you “failing” too many workouts? Or is it keeping the intent the same, but changing the workout to reflect your higher PL levels?


AFAIK, this IS the first official acknowledgement of what several of us discovered and guessed was the case a few weeks ago.

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Hey Chad,

which aspect of this are you referring to here? None of this was meant to be secret, so I’d consider it a messaging shortfall on our part (and an opportunity to learn and do better next time) if it appeared that way!

What surprised me (and some others) was that the “default plans” as viewed on the site are now shown reflecting our current Progression Levels.

We were just used to the old way, where the plans shown on the site were the same for everyone. The personalized aspect was “new” to most of us. I just never saw that change announced, but may well have missed it if it was listed somewhere.

I think the new system is great and helpful for anyone previewing a plan. Good change, I just didn’t know about it until we stumbled on it when discussing the differences seen between users.


I also had no idea this was the case - - still thought it was standard for everyone looking at them on the Training Plans pages then adapting when you added it to your calendar. I guess since the plans get changed anyway and it already makes comparing/reviewing plans with others difficult it doesn’t make a big difference either way, but it is useful to know that it’s the case.

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I’m just listening to the podcast (originally part of #308) where the team introduce Workout Levels - roughly at the 47min point Jonathan states that the new plans will look differently for each person as they are customised to an individual’s PLs.

So it’s been stated but probably most, including myself, didn’t pick up on it at the time.

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