Stem with LightMount for Epic Evo - Please Help

Hi there - i am usually pretty decent at sourcing equipment but for the life of me i cannot seem to find a stem with an underside light mount for my 2022 Spec Epic Evo.

The diameter needs to 35mm

If any kind sole could recommend i’d be very VERY grateful - i runner NiteRider lights so the mount is fairly standard - i run the ZIppService Course on my Tarmac to great effect

thanks in advance

Why are you trying to have the light mount to the stem? It’s way more common to mount the light directly to the bar or to the underside of a computer mount, which has the added benefit of being further in front and being less obstructed by cables.

Bontrager is the only stem maker that I’ve ever seen mount the lights to the stem.

Also, consider your light’s orientation. Good lights will shape the beam which means if you mount them upside down the beam shape will be all wrong.

See this as an example. I don’t own this light, but I’m considering buying it. It’s an example of a shaped beam and how most people mount lights to the underside of the computer mount (the mount of course has to be compatible, but many lights use the Go Pro style mount).


I rode with a friend of mine a few weeks ago who had the Outbound Hangover + Evo combination. Very impressive lights. I really like the go pro helmet mount.

I bought the Hangover helmet light. Will see how it works with my Bontrager Ion as a handlebar light. I may end up also buying the Evo.


For mountain biking the helmet light is more important than the bar light, so upgrading that first makes a lot of sense. I should go that route.

For the bars I might get the road light and use it for both road and MTB. It would still be a big improvement over my current bar light.

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The Evo handlebar light is very bright and has a wide coverage area. Could ride with that alone on many trails. But better with the addition of a helmet light.

I run the Evo/Hangover combo and love it. The lights work great and they are made in the US by a company with great customer service. Having the batteries built in is awesome.



I had a similar quest a few weeks ago for my 2022 Stumpy. I ended deciding against an out front mount because I figured it would be more likely to be smashed if I crashed. I stuck with my Gloworm light 35mm bar mount and I chose a somewhat unconventional helmet light in the form of a Gopro light mod. Its tiny, much cheaper than a cycling-specific lamp, and very light. It puts out enough light to fulfill the purpose of a helmet lamp when used in combo with a bright bar light. I highly recommend it.

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That detour light on on my radar, holding off to see if there’s any Black Friday deals… probably not ideal for mtb though. Their hangover/evo combo probably makes more sense. I use a few different options on the bar depending on ride length and time of year (how much of the ride is in the dark) but the outbound helmet light has been my go-to since it got it.

Have you looked into a generic gopro handlebar mount? I’ve got all my lights on gopro mounts so there’s never any fussing around with which mount I need for each bike/ application.

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I had one-

  1. The weighting of the light was such that it wouldn’t hold still on any of my mounts.
  2. It would overheat and shut off, which is really scary in the woods at night.

How long is the stem?
PNW makes a nice stem/mount
Fouriers makes a nice universal one - FOURIERS :: Products (ebay)
Pro PRO Computer Mount | Pro Bikegear
Stem spacer mount

The Outbound Hangover? I just got it today. The helmet mount seems very solid. The light does get hot when on, but not much different vs my Bontrager Ion.

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Yeah, mine not so much. IICR, I had to trim the “GoPro” tilt eyelets down on one side because there was too much material around the bolt hole to connect to any other standard mount. That may have been a few design revisions ago though.

I got a glowworm the smaller, lighter head bounces a lot less on my gravel bike…. And doesn’t sudden shut itself off mid ride. Downside is that the battery pack, nonstandard usb-c cable, and the light is more concentrated on-center than what I want.

I have a bontrager too, vibrates a bit in its mount interface. Fine for road work though.