Light for Aero Road Bar

Hey All, as the weather warms up i am thinking about doing some of my early morning rides outdoors. I have an Specialized Aerofly2 bar on my road bike and was looking for recommendations on options. I would prefer something that doesn’t use the stem bolts (already have a garmin mount on that). Ideally something that clamps on the bar itself.

Also, how many lumen would you recommend for early morning road riding?

I know you said no stem bolts and you probably don’t want a new garmin mount but one option is a light that can use a go pro style mount below the computer. Like this:

I think specialized has an an adapter for their flux lights and there are a few others

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K edge wont fit on aeroflys

Whoops you’re right. Guess I assumed they made a stem bolt mount

Here are 2 options.|sioaSLxM1_dc|pcrid|68603497608|pkw||pmt||prd|567372US

yeah there are some options out there for stem mounted combo setups

I’ve the mount but surprisingly enough daytime running lights that use it a few and far between.

I would have thought a sturdy standard would be a selling point over floppy rubber bands but what do I know!

I would guess they want to make the lights compatible with the majority of round handlebars without having to buy a separate mount for it. Especially because I’m sure the majority of people that ride with front lights (commuters, casual riders, etc.) may not even have a computer in the first place.

But I agree it would be nice to have more options and a tidier cockpit setup

The bontrager flare (or ion) has both sort of mounts, so options would work if wanted.

I keep trying to think of how I could mount my current led to it but run out of brainpower! A 3d printed gizmo if you will!

How much light do you need? Would one of these work?

I use one during the day, never used it in the dark to know how much visibility you get (60 lumens), battery life isn’t huge when lights on solid but they state 2 hours.
You have no ability to adjust direction of beam unless you can adjust tilt of your Garmin mount - depends if light is to see by, or be seen.

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Do you have a link or model? I thought i saw something similar awhile back but haven’t been able to find again.

Thanks for some of the suggestions but as i mentioned in my original post would prefer to avoid something that uses the stem bolts and it needs to be bright enough for low light riding.

It’s a Ion 200 but I don’t think it’s enough to ride with at night. My running light doesn’t work for any sort of sped/twisty darkness.