Staying focused and motivated?

Looking for tips to stay focused and motivated on TR. I know it works, and I’ve seen wonderful results, but for some reason every 2-3 months I start to wonder and look around at other platforms like xert, zwift, etc… and then I start to lose motivation for my TR workouts.

I know they do the job, but I just can’t seem to lock in on them hardcore every now and then. What do y’all typically do in this situation?

I think the biggest thing that keeps me motivated is my subscription to TrainingPeaks. I am continually motivated to keep populating my charts and graphs and making them look like they should if I’m following my plan. And I get grumpy if they don’t :joy:

As for looking at other services, I don’t. I came over to TR because I hate FTP testing, and having to make sure I’m fresh for it to yield a result I trust. With TR, I just train and ride outdoors normally and don’t have to worry or think about testing. Of course I still validate the results by how well I get through the workouts, and looking at my top-of zone 2 HR. But so far so good.


I import my TR wirkouts in Zwift (using zwofactory), and often do my workouts on a climb there. I substitute endurance rides for robopacer rides with similar demands. I just like the entertainment of Zwift, and that helps tie me over the long dark indoors season nicely!


Motivation comes and goes, I try to rely on discipline. “Trying to be the best version of myself everyday.” (Someone else said that)

I also set an easy process goal of riding 4x a week, weights/ mobility 2x a week. It doesn’t matter if I miss a hard day, I’ll do an easy ride or goto the pump track.

I try to stay disciplined in that main process goal, I know if I stay consistent, better fitness will come. If I ever get sick of the grind, I’ll take an easy week and ride somewhere different, go to the pump track or hit the mtb trails on my gravel bike. The stoke is usually alive after that.


I was waiting for that comment and likely link to…


I run TR and Zwift simultaneously (having TR control the trainer) and go after the Zwift tours and challenges. Otherwise, trying to get out more and do longer endurance rides in place of the weekend TR workouts – helps to take a break and gives something to look forward to each week.


On top of that seemingly annual Dedication repost, I think that consideration of your goals is beneficial. Why are you doing this all in the first place? Make a sticky note on your screen or any relevant reminder of the driving factor / event / health benefit that got you to start this all in the first place.

I tend to have my goal event(s) jotted down and visualize past/future events at times I need a reminder and kick. This is separate from the dedication aspect to a degree, but can help form the habits that are also somewhat self-reinforcing to keeping me on the bike at the regular intervals I want/need.


I haven’t watched this but will check it out later, thanks!
I do follow the maniac David goggins and I want to listen to this asap.


Motivation isnt the right word for me. I have habits. My cycling is a habit every Tuesday at Thursday late afternoon. Friday is a day that fluctuates during the year but generally a ride every Friday afternoon in winter and morning in summer. Sunday rides are group rides in summer and afternoon rides in winter.

Over the year the type of rides I do will vary.

I dont need motivation for what I enjoy. If I dont feel like doing something hard I scale it down.

Currently I feel good and I am always looking forward to ride.

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My motivation is mostly just staying fit enough to hang on the group ride or long cycling vacation where I need to be able to ride several days in a row. I don’t race.

As I get older (I’m 55), my motivation is changing to just being healthy and fit enough to enable a long and active life.

As for training tools, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with trying them all and seeing what you like and don’t like. In the end, we do this for fun, and if you feel stagnant and using a different platform makes riding more fun, then you’ll be more likely to ride more, which helps achieve the goals above.


Do you have process goals that you are targeting to complete everything 1 - 3months? For me, have some type of goal that is in the 1 - 3 month out period helps to keep me motivated and focused on the plan I’m working through, as opposed to chasing the shiny new “thing”.


I guess I should’ve been more specific, I’ve got no problem riding daily, but the discipline to stick to a specific plan is lacking I guess you could say.

Is that from boredom? Losing belief in the plan so you looked for the next great thing?

I think the only way you will “solve” this - if you want to “solve” it - is to be brutally honest with yourself why you keep switching systems / keep looking for new training. If you don’t know the “why”, it’s hard to address


As a few have said, for me, having an goal of event (racing, training camp, etc) which in turn links back to my plan is what keeps me motivated.

I cannot argue either that consistency is key and sometimes when motivation is low (life stress, feeling off, etc) then I depend on my discipline for consistency and mantra of “how bad do you want this” to make sure I get on the bike and stick to the plan.

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It looks like the issue isn’t motivation, but “the neighbour’s grass is greener”.

And you know what, change it. Try Xert, Join, self-coach. There’s nothing wrong with that. As long as you’re riding and keeping fit/healthy, it’s all valid.


Probably due to the human nature of instant gratification, I’ve got a plan running through Feb 3rd, I’ll stick it out until then and then maybe reassess. Thanks all.

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My motivation is based on an event on the calendar. No event no training

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I almost always enjoy riding my bike (inside or out), but I sometimes dread structured training sessions. When I’m not super motivated to train, my “trick” is to just get on the bike with no expectations and see how it goes (at least start the first interval). More often than not, I just needed to get started and I’m fine once I’m spinning the pedals and getting into the workout. But some days, I’m just cooked (mentally and/or physically) and there is no shame in turning a training day into a pleasure cruise every once in a while, especially if carrying a bunch of fatigue. I know that it’s a rare day that I’m not happier after jumping on the bike, so that’s what gets me on the bike when I may not be in the mood.

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