Stay In Your Lane, Rory

4.85W/kg for 45 min. :face_with_monocle:

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Prior discussion from last March when the article was published


I have a feeling that Peloton is not prepared for the amount of warranty claims for their next gen bike from all the people that upgrade and think their next bike is “reading low”

New bike is supposedly pretty darn good and there are going to be a lot of sad trombones playing when people see their real power outputs.

The Kickr v1 was also guilty of this and notoriously over-reported power. Ask me how I know :frowning_face:


Saddest day of my cycling “career” was the day I traded my Tacx Vortex for a Hammer H2…


Whether the watts are correct or not (likely not), being 11/8988 on a Peloton leaderboard is impressive.


I don’t think you can burn 1342 calories in 45 minutes doing anything…must be calculated off power which has to be over-reported.


I had a Vortex also! Coulda been on the Tour with those numbers. :frowning:


1340 calories in 45 minutes is the equivalent of around 490w for that duration, provided I did the math correct :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


And mine. Suffice to say I wasn’t pleased to discover that I had not, in fact, reached 4w/kg in less than 4 months of structured training :rofl:


I still have my Vortex which I use with PowerMatch every time my significant other claims my Kickr. I actually just compared it’s fairy-tale reading to my power meter just to know, that was interesting :grinning:

Kickr is another story:

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Ha ha, I went Vortex to Stages. I thought my Stages was broken and sucked like everybody said it would.

My first on road FTP test was a complete failure. I blew up quickly trying to hold the 300 watts that I thought was my 20 minute power. :grinning:

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The real question here is: what are Joe Bidens numbers on Peleton?!


He’s active at 78! Democrat or Republican, Capitalist or Communist, Martian or Earthling… it’s great that he’s active and exercising regularly.

I’m more curious what kind of music he likes, or who his favorite instructor is. Ally Love? Ben Alldis?


When I went from the Vortex to the Elite Direto it took me a couple years of structured training to beat the FTP numbers I had on that. 4 years later I think I still have a couple of sections on my PR power curve that are still from the Tacx days.

Then I went to the Kickr bike and my power numbers (and ego) have taken another blow

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I think your numbers are right. I got a similar figure

My first year of TR I used a Tacx Vortex indoors and a PowerPod for outdoor rides. The PP was pretty decent so long as it was a steady state effort. Except that the first 10 minutes or so of every ride it would either read 0W or 1000W. Still cleaning up my power curve.

What is it 3.6cal per watt

Google says Rory weighs 161lb, so 490W would be 6.7Wkg for 45min. Pantani’s record-setting climb up Huez was 6.5Wkg for 35min.

What could have been…


My wahoo kicker snap actually reads about 15-20 watts less than my power meter. I’m wondering if i’ve actually already hit 300 watt ftp lol.

Roughly, yes. I think 272 watts for one hour = 1,000 kcal, so you multiply the power by 3.6, and then multiply/divide the time to get the kcal burned.