Stategies for stopping sweat logged shoes?

Any workout 90+ minutes & my shoes are full of sweat. When I step off the trainer it’s like I’ve just done a water crossing & I have to hang them in front of a fan for a couple hours to dry them out.

What’s the trick for keeping sweat out of my shoes when riding indoors? Or is there a trick…

  1. A better fan, and one that hits your legs too. I bet it’s not entirely your feet sweating, it’s sweat dripping down your legs; sweat that you’d much rather evaporate and help cool you down.

  2. More expensively, and less really ‘solving’ the problem so much as ‘shifting’ it, you could try triathlon bike shoes designed to vent out water after the swim (for example the Pearl Izumi Tri Fly). Then just keep an extra towel handy under your pedals.

But #1 is probably the real solution here.


What kind of temperature is your workout area? What is your fan situation like? Are you a heavy sweater outdoors?

Through the summer I trained in my garage in the 75-85 F range and I while my clothes were soaked in the longer and harder sessions, I didn’t get accumulation in my shoes. I have dual lasko fans on high which do a good job of evaporating off the legs and torso.

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Beside all what’s said above. Take some kind of sweatband and wrap it round your calves/ankles.

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Answers are spot on. I sweat TONS - leaving pools under the bike- but don’t fill my shoes. Wet socks yep. But they don’t squish. Now, my running shoes squish from sweat.

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I’ve had this happen as well. Needless to say, wife hasn’t been happy with the accumulated smell.

Aside from more/better fans and sweatbands for your legs, a shoe dryer helped a lot (I know, it’s not exactly tackling the problem, but more the after-effects). I purchased one that dries and deodorizes, and it’s done a decent job.

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I have found that high socks are better than low cut socks for keeping the shoes more dry.

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I had this issue with mountain bike shoes and bad socks. In addition to better socks, I now have a pair of Specialized road shoes with a small mesh vent under the toes- they are noticeably cooler and keep my toes dry.

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Are you wearing socks?

My socks are definitely wet after a very sweaty ride, but nowhere near wet enough that i could ring them out for example.

My shoes have a few vents on the sole under the toes which really do work. Maybe get some more ventilated shoes?

I am guessing It’s all dependant on people’s sweat rates. I have the same problem and I am going to try the sweatband approach as I believe it’s sweat running down your body/legs as opposed to sweating feet. Some good advice tho re: better fans etc