Fighting shoe odor

my old cycling shoes smelled sooo bad. got a new pair. whats the hot tip to keep them fresh?

I use Mycomist spray in mine every few weeks.

100% pure sunshine.

Tea tree oil every week

I use a pair of electric ultraviolet shoe heater/dryers. Just pop them in my shoes after every ride. Seems to keep the odour in check.

I haven’t had this problem, maybe because I use wool socks? I noticed one year skiing with synthetic socks how much worse they smelled. Anecdotal, but maybe worth an experiment.

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Agree. All my sports socks are wool, and they rarely smell - unless I’ve worn them about 5 times without washing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Wool is a godtier material. I took two pairs of wool socks on a 7 day self supported ride, thinking I would wash my socks when they got funky. Never once get the need. I swear by the stuff!

Don’t pee on the bike! Somehow they’re never quite the same again!!

Stuffitts . I use them in all my shoes. help dry them out as well as control odor