Secrets for keeping sweat off the drive train?

I put a towel on the top tube sometimes. But still, the crank and front derailleur especially get covered with salt. Then I feel like I should hose down my bike way more often than I do, especially after a hard TR session.

Any secrets out there? Any pics from people who have solved this?


More cooling! You can only do so much though depending on the humidity in your area. If you’re doing workouts at 80-100% you’re not going to get as much evaporative cooling.

I find that most people don’t have enough wind power from their vans.


A powerful fan (or two) and you may not drip any sweat at all.

I have one Lasko max performance fan placed right in front of my front wheel, blowing over my handlebars at head and torso. Sweat evaporates right away. I don’t need a mat or towel.


I find a cycling cap or terry cloth headband will soak up a lot of sweat from my head or redirect it away from dripping on my bike. Cap on backwards is especially good at this. Combine that with a sweat net, a fan, and a towel afross the handlebar for good measure and usually my frame is safe.

I have A bike “thong” goes over your set and attached to your handle bars and wings out over your top tube. Should cover everything.

But I second more cooking as well

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It’s been said in the thread a couple times already, but get a better fan! Seriously, ever since I got that lasko pro performance fan I barely sweat at all on the trainer.

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I’ll second the ideas above…a fan definitely cuts down on the amount that you sweat, but I also use an Elite bike thong, plus a towel over the handle bars.