StagesBike. Anyone else have one?

well i personally adore my SB20. for me it’s the best smart trainer on the market hands down

Any advice re zero reset?
Using the stages app, sometimes it will zero reset successfully and sometimes it won’t, even though I’m doing the same thing each time.
Anyone else have this?

How do people handle workouts like Spanish Needle with the SB20? I’ve read a lot about the intervals being so short that the ERG mode doesn’t react quick enough to settle for this type of interval.

My SB20 is coming today and I’m moving from a KICKR.

The KICKR ‘looks’ like it responds quickly but I now wonder whether that’s down to smoothing the KICKR firmware applies and it’s actually struggling too, or whether it’s down to the size of the flywheel being much larger on the Stages and taking time to ramp up?

If only Stages could implement a sliding scale in the Link app so that you could pick how much smoothing or response time to ERG changes you wanted!

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I don’t have experience with the bike (still contemplating a purchase) and quite what you are looking for, but what I was thinking would be a good option is the customize the “dream drive” for short hard sprints like this. You could figure out what gear works best for the recovery and what works best for the interval and with a touch of a button switch between them.

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For me I think it’s entirely a smoothing thing from Kickr that creates a false sense of precision there - I also went from Kickr to SB20, and I find the transitions on the SB20 are just as smooth, even if the graph says otherwise. I definitely feel like it ramps up quickly and I get the work in.

Maybe change the power from 3s to 1s for workouts like that? Haven’t tried, just a speculation that might make it look better…

Hey, thanks for starting this thread. I’m interesting for recommendations for setting this up? We are getting ours on Thursday. I know that the power smoothing / flywheel size presents a bit of a delay, but I actually experience a delay on my Kickr Core now. When I have sprints, it takes ~5 seconds for the ERG to catch up so I am always about ~15 watts below the average when I wrap the 30 second sprint.

The huge flywheel, easily twice the mass or more of the competition, creates a realistic feel, great inertia, doesn’t slow down so dramatically if you stop pedaling, and has a couple of other benefits. But we’re talking about MASS, and an increase will bring both benefits and costs. The cost is that changes in power take longer to result in changes to the flywheel’s rotation, especially for something like ERG mode.

What I’ve learned to do is something already suggested above. For very short intervals, take it off ERG mode and figure out how many gears you have to shift for your intervals and then your recoveries. Use the app to set up gearing that’s convenient for you, such that you only have to click the shifter button once or twice, and then use resistance mode and shifting to do your intervals.

The bike’s response, IMHO, is great: because you’re changing the magnetic resistance by shifting, that happens much more quickly.


I’ve had mine for a couple of weeks now, and both the wife and I like it a lot. For reference, I’m coming from a gen1 (gen0.5 as I got it before the official gen1 release date) Kickr + InsideRide E-flex.

The Stage Bike is an immovable tank, especially as mine is on the ground level on a wood floor over concrete slab. At first the bike was uncomfortable, but my wife got a gel seat cover, and I hesitate to admit I’m using it and it makes a massive difference in comfort. Food for thought if it feels uncomfortable when you first ride it. Second pearl of wisdom when in Erg mode: only connect the Stages Bike, not the pedals, and disable powermatch. Powermatch isn’t supposed to be on, and it makes the ride feel pretty horrible. I learned this the hard way after the first couple of rides felt pretty bad.

I haven’t used it yet for short intervals, but I agree with agingcannon’s advice - set up the gearing so that you can use the “front shifter” to be able to jump from recovery to short interval power in one click. My recommendation would be to use dream drive with 50 gears - equivalent to a 1x setup with a 55 front, and 11-50 cassette with 50 sprockets. You can then customize how many sprockets the “front” shifter shifts. This gives you the ability to make large gear changes with the “front” shifter, and small adjustments with the “rear” shifter.


I’ve been quite polar on mine but now resolved issues in summary it’s a great piece of kit

Had some early software issues early 2020 but now seem fine
Erg mode was a bit slow to adjust resistance on the short intervals but now I don’t use it for those I have dream mode and my left is 3 gears and right 1 gear and I therefore get a good jump for the vo2 and ability to get smooth adjustments which Is great
My key issue was the flywheel. I had the noisy issue and gen 1 which needed replacing so it got unusable in autumn and had to wait until jan to get a new wheel. Now I have the new wheel it’s much smoother, much quieter and this is the wheel that ships with new bikes. Whilst this meant I didn’t use my bike for months I fortunately had my kickr and Stages did give very good service in responses, and majority of delays in the wheel were down to COVID shipping and logistics. I also got some premium stages link software to try so Stages did do their best customer service possible in the circumstances

The bike is built like a tank being best part of 70 kgs. Easy to dial in position. Love the holders for iPads etc and the charging. The bottle cages are quite low angle so if you have bottles that leak a bit make sure they are tight if full
Agree the saddle is a nice shape and good quality but I will be changing this but that’s just personal preference

In operation the bike is super smooth and I can really let loose and not worry about frames and or jumping off the kickr which I did with a quick release. It’s great for sprints

Noise is much lower than the chain noise on the kickr also less messy and no more
Oil on the carpet

Due to its sturdiness it is rigid so I am thinking of a rocker plate as I do long workouts indoors

Despite my teething issues on the wheel it’s a great piece of kit and would recommend it.


I think it is a great bit of kit when it’s working, but when it’s not, it’s hard to find direct help in the UK. I end up relying on the kindness of strangers on FB.
I’m not particularly tech savvy, but I don’t think I should have to source a way to get into dev. mode to change PCB orientation due to the effects of a firmware update, with no direct support available until they answer the ticket in 6 days time.
So I would advise people in the UK not to buy an SB20 unless they have a career in tech/ programming industry.
Currently my left crank has a serial number of 0 and it is not possible to change it, even in dev mode. Currently the bike is “working” but is not registering power in TR/ zwift.
I’m going to try a work out just using RPE today. As I’m recovering from an op, I can’t run yet and I’m not quite ready for MTB outdoors, so it’s super frustrating.

If you contact them via saddleback (the UK disty) you’ll get an overnight response… not sure if you’ve tried that route

Thanks for the heads up
I emailed Saddleback Friday and expect a response on Monday. My son used his iPhone (I’m android) to roll back the firmware update and reinstall it. It seems to have found a serial number over night. I managed to train today, despite a drop out and restart and having to open the stages link app so the gears would work half way through.

Just submitted the ticket for mine. Same issue. Thumping at twice flyhwheel speed when it gets heated up. You can feel it on the bars. Ridden daily but only 3 months old. :frowning_face: