Power Meter Options for FSA Sub Compact

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i just purchased a Giant Revolt ADV 3 - which comes specced with an FSA Omega, 32/48 - right now i can’t see myself changing the crankset and am looking for a non pedal based power option … i know there are similar threads but most relate to a shimano crank …

wondering if anyone had any ideas … i am not DEAD set against pedal options as i have garmin v3’s for my road bike but thought i’d ask the knowledgeable folks on here for any options they have found

may thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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I just don’t think there is any crank arm or spider based version compatible with that crank.

I checked 4iiii, Stages, Power2Max, Rotor and couldn’t find any for the Omega. There are a few for the upper end FSA, but nothing for that one. I didn’t check SRM, but doubt they have one for a that crank.

The only options I’ve seen for you are pedal or PowerTap hub/wheel build with the old G3 disc.


FSA changed to a removable spider when they came out with their later version. Sadly, the original, with a fixed spider, has no option.

Your best bet is a pedal.

I use a SRAM XX for my gravel bike. It’s 120/90, IIRC and I run 42/28 with Favero Assioma DUO pedals on that one. I looked at hubs in the past, but don’t like them.

One option, if you’re open to changing the crank, is to go for SRAM. You can change the spider to a MTB spider. I know someone who did that, with a Force BB30 crankset with a 104BCD spider and a road chainline. It’s a bit tricky though, as there are spider variances.


i am totally up for changing the crank actually … but nmt sure of compatibilty with SRAM and Shimano deraileurs ?


So I think bike has a GRX400 FD. GRX has a slightly wider chainline that the typical Shimano Road FD’s. So for new cranks the easiest way to go (for compatibility, not necessarily finding it in stock) is to get a GRX crankset and a stages PM. I know Power2Max sells a spider based PM with GRX spacing but with new crank arms and every thing that would probably run you $800 while the stages route would be more like $500.

I have seen some people getting the GRX FD’s to play nice with the standard road spacing by bottoming out the limit screws. So that route would open up a few more options for PM’s but you would probably have to go to 50/34 gearing.

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fantastic info thank you!

You could also just go for the FSA powerbox. They come in for like 500€ including the cranks. Propably will fit the BB too. Although I am not sure what gearing it´ll allow.

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Yeah, they are pretty inexpensive, relatively, for the alloy versions. I use on on my son’s road bike, works well. It’s basically the Power2Max NGeco.

I don’t think the spider is offset for GRX though. I think mwglow15 mentioned OPs bike is GRX. :man_shrugging:

Edit: No, it’s normal

  • Front Derailleur - Shimano Tiagra
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No it’s GRX 400. Unless he’s not in the US in which case the spec could change for different regions. The 2020 was Tiagra but the 2021 is GRX 400


That’s interesting, I was looking at 2020. Same crankset though, which is the interesting part.

Huh, yeah I didn’t notice the shared cranks. But the chainline difference is only 2.5mm IIRC so not a huge difference.

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$500 with shipping and tax.

P2M has a sale now, $620 + shipping (~$20) with chainrings. No tax for PMs from their USA site (probably included in the overall price).

It seems a decent price, after the tax and shipping from 2 different places, it’s probably closer to $100 difference. Total power vs single sided. I guess you could sell the left arm, with the stages, but eBay would probably charge more for listing it and resisting it and the seller fees.

Edit: doesn’t include crank. :frowning: tricked me.


checking right now!

Great info above from everyone thank you!

That price doesn’t include the crank arms though. Just the PM and chainrings. So he’d probably have to get this one:

Edit: Just saw your edit. Yeah the pictures are a little misleading.

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yeah, just noticed it too. Tricky, tricky.

You can’t really reuse the rings from the FSA Crank. You can find a FSA Mega Exo crankarm PM out there, but why bother - it’ll be $500 and you have a poor quality FSA crank.

Looks like GRX/Stages $134+$350 = $480
P2M 104bcd = $620 Gravel NGeco Rotor ALDHU 24mm/30mm 2x Chainring Package – Power2Max North America
Favero UNO with pedal body swap $550

I’m not that technical, but if that was the same crank as was on my AL Topstone, I couldn’t find any option. I had two 4iiii left crank (ultegra on the “good” bike, 105 on the winter bike), so for me the cheapest option was a GRX crank set, and move the 105. Only clearance issue I had was the bottle cage on the underside of the downtube, which I didn’t use too often anyway.

If I was starting from scratch I’d be very tempted by the new Garmin pedals (or be waiting to see if any other options come out).