STAGES L side Power Meter - FSA version

I’m after a little advice please.

Does anybody have any experience with the FSA - SLK STAGES L side Power Meter? Good? Bad? I’m option to suggestions but ideally I’d like to keep things crank based.

Have you been able to easily switch between the Power Meter and your trainer before starting a TR workout?

If you have any other recommendations, I’d like them to be in the £500-£700 area, absolute tops.

I have this version on my Cannondale. I’ve had it for over two years now. The only issue I have is that I have a Gen 2 with the weak bluetooth signal that has trouble staying connected to my Garmin. That’s only the occasional quick dropout though and if you get Gen 3 I think that is solved. Other than that is has been flawless. Easy install. I use Powermatch with my Hammer so I use the Stages power both on and off the trainer.

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Thanks for your response. I would be looking for GEN 3.

I have the stages left crank power meter (on a Shimano crank, but that shouldn’t affect its PM function). It’s Gen3, but still has occasional communication problems— not very bad, but not 100% solved, and the signal strength is always reported as really low, even from 2 feet away. Because of that, I don’t use powermatch, so I have to mentally adjust between my trainer readings indoors (kickr, which reads higher) and the Stages readings outdoors. Bottom line, it’s a solid option, but if I were in the market again now, I’d think about a power2max spider-based PM. They’re a bit more expensive, but I hear fewer complaints about dropping signal and you get both sides measured.

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I have the Gen3 Stages on Shimano XT crank on my MTB. I love it but I am tolerating the occasional false power spikes when descending on rocky terrain. I don’t bother correcting the data with any software. If this would bother you then I would not go for the Stages unit.

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I have a Gen 2 on a FSA Energy. It works well. It makes individual. leg drills impossible. but it has been consistent,

I have the Gen 2 FSA left side crank powermeter, no issues, works fine. No dropout issues using a Wahoo Bolt, like some folks are reporting with Garmin units. This is on my Roadbike a Specialized Tarmac SL4.

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I have the Gen 3 FSA SLK crank arm on my CX bike. It’s been fine, aside from high power spikes in the 1-4 second range of 1100-2200 watts. My Favero Assioma pedals on my road bike have never recorded more than about 1050 watts.

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