Stages PM Reading incorrectly

Wondering if there was any help here in the near term while I wait for a Stages ticket to be answered (3-4 days).

Noticed that the power readings on my Stages dual side power meter seemed low on the last couple rides. Normally do a reset with my Garmin everytime I go outside, but even then the readings seem lower than expected. Also noticed a couple times the power/cadence readings would drop out so I went ahead and replaced the batteries first.

After the battery swap, connecting both sides to the app, unlinking the left and right and relinking, the ADC reading on the left side is consistently reading 634 and the right is 837. Stages says it should be within 790-990 so something is clearly off and likely the reason why the power readings are low

Any help from previous experience would be appreciated knowing we’re all doing a fair amount of indoor/outdoor training this time of year in the Northern hemisphere.

Will probably need to go back to Stages for recalibration….I had the same issue a couple of years ago.

Problem with left side and needs to be replaced or fixed by Stages.

What kind of batteries are you using? All my Stages issues were resolved by buying retail pack Energizer or Duracells.

Previously, I was buying cheap 10 pack oem batteries off of Amazon and had intermittant issues. Even oem Energizers off Amazon were suspect. Maybe they were fake?

Also, do a factory reset. Stages will tell you to do this. Shorting the terminals. You can also install the battery upside down. Do it for 10-15 seconds.

I had same issue but the other way. My left side kept creeping up until it crossed 1100. Stages ticket said take the battery door off and let it air out bc it might be water related. They also said i could send it back to them and have it rebuilt for $200. I declined and bought a new one since you can get them new for under $300 if youre patient online. Note that mine was 6 years old abd outside of warranty

There’s also those lithium button cells with bittering agents so kids don’t swallow them, that don’t play nice with very low draw devices.

I have noticed that store brand have sometimes played nicer compared to Energizer/Duracell.

The new ones I just installed are Energizer with the bitter agent so I can try a different battery, but was wondering what the factory reset was for these newer gen crank meters (this is a Shimano Dura ace 9100) so will have to try that in the morning, but open to anything else