Problems with Stages PM .. need help please..!

I buy the new one … Stages Left Arm Shimano 105 R7000.

Earlier I always calibrate the adc number around 913-916. and used it around 3 months

And i replace good new battery because battery low… but my adc it’s higher go to 917-920.

And When i ride my normalized power it’s okay but max power very high to 1000W many trips.

I try to fix many ways but I don’t know how to do anymore.

Somebody please help me.

Have you contacted Stages support for help? That seems the better place to start.

You can try a factory reset. You can install the battery upside down for 10 seconds or simply short out the two terminals with the edge of the battery for 10 seconds. (Don’t bend the pins down by pushing too aggressively.)

The new battery could also not be up to par.

I’ve discovered over time that I get much better results with my Stages if I use top tier, name brand batteries that are fresh - Duracell or Energizer. I used to buy cheap 10 packs of batteries on Amazon and my results were mixed. I once had a new Energizer that gave me problems.


ADC is dependent on temperature so it will vary. 1885 watts peak is a possibly real reading but if you think it’s not then contact Stages support. They are very responsive and will likely ask for you to export the ride data and send it to them. If it doesn’t look right they will repair or replace your meter.

Yes, i already contacted.
Fow now they suggest me to test with another bike-computer like Wahoo or Garmin, because I use the Bryton420.

I don’t know the Bike-Computer, is it the main affect or not ?