Left Crank Stages Power Meter not starting

Hi There Folks,

I got a Stages Power Meter, left crank, that I acquired a couple of years ago. It worked well till it didn’t. Recently it accused low battery, as it usually does, so I normally swapped the battery, like I have done many times before.
This time it didn’t start, and neither the Stages App (on my phone) nor the Garmin head unit couldn’t connect/find it.

Is this a thing with Stages? I remember when I got it it took a week to start or find the Garmin.

If anyone has clues or ways to make it work that I haven’t tried, please disclose. I took the battery out, then in, then out, then in, etc.




When you put the battery in does the little green light come on? Also, not being a smartass, but is the coin cell battery facing the right way?

I would probably try to clean the battery contacts and if that doesn’t work then I would contact Stages. This isn’t normal for stages IME. I have one and other than some false low battery readings I haven’t had any issues with it not connecting.

I’ve no idea but with Stages is it the same as HRM’s that you can put the battery the wrong way round to reset it before putting it the right way.

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Sometimes the-o ring can not go in right and the battery might not sit in its spot. You might try that or buy a new oring or battery cover before replacing anything else.

I have noticed some corrosion on the intervals on mine and it still works.

Only good things to say about stages so I’d write this off as an anomaly.

Hint: if you’re going to buy a new one, go for ‘close outs/ cosmetic blemish’. I have always bought them and it’s typically about 50% msrp

Yes, I’d try this - 10+ seconds. One can also just short the terminals .

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Yes, however for anyone not familiar with electronics, the foolproof way to reset is to turn the battery around and count to 10.

@Gustavo_Cinci over 4.5 years I had left-only gen2 Stages and then dual-sided gen3 Stages. Never had a problem with left-only. The dual-sided I had 2 issues, one was fixed by reset (put battery in backwards for 10 seconds), and the other time it was dead and Stages replaced the crank.

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Maybe it’s the battery…have you tried another new battery?

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On one of my earlier generation Stages Pm I was having battery issues and tech support suggested I slightly bend up the batter terminal to get a better contact. It solved the battery issue I was having.