Stages of Recovery

This has been a strange recovery week, and I find myself doubting what my legs are telling me. I’ve extended my normal 5 day recovery week by 2 days now, but as we all do I have a nagging doubt that I’m over resting. To be clear I’m pretty certain my legs are telling me to rest. If nothing else this will be a good learning experience.

Does TR or the forum have a good article on what happens to our legs during a recovery week, how they generally feel over time (e.g. sore, fresh, rubber, ready), and what are good signs your recovery is over and your just over resting?


Great question and pretty confident I haven’t heard discussion on this particular point on the pod

My legs move fresher daily. I recognize this by doing the recovery aerobic rides specified in plan builder. Usually by the 3-4 day my legs are still telling me to vegetate. However, day 5 and onward, they get fresher until the next week I am ready to go. I might carry some fatigue into a ramp test but for all practical purposes, fresh. Recovery week are legs telling me to over-rest, body telling me to over-eat. So much for listening to my body!

In this frame, I don’t think ‘Over-Resting’ is possible. Now if you were taking a month recovery…

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The 5 stages of recovery are:

  • denial .
  • anger .
  • bargaining .
  • depression .
  • acceptance .

(It’s funny because it is accurate. :rofl::rofl::rofl:)


I think it would be difficult to over rest.

I just wrapped up a rest week and took it much easier than TR rest weeks. I was under 55% FTP for 3 days and under 60% for 2 days. My legs feel much better than going through a normal rest week and I just set 1min and 40min power PRs. :man_shrugging:

I once rested too long.

My legs fell off and the surgeon who sewed them back on mixed up my left/right.

My 52/48 power balance became a 48/52 and it screwed with my head for weeks.

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