Stages crank with Kirt Kinetic RM

I submitted this to support a few days ago and haven’t heard back so I thought I’d post here to see if any users have experienced this and have a solution.

I added a stages crank recently after running virtual power. I can’t say for sure but on the first ride I think I left virtual power on and it took a power reading from Stages. All good. The following 2 rides I turned virtual power off and it took power readings virtually through the trainer. Not sure why. The Stages crank was activated and calibrated on the devices page. Next ride I unpaired the trainer bluetooth and obviously got only power from Stages, which is great but, with that, I lose speed and distance. I turned virtual power back on and it pulled power from the trainer so there’s no consistency in where it collects the power reading from. Maybe it’s the sequence in which they were paired or calibrated. Not sure.

I know the speed and distance numbers are meaningless but so are many things in my life that I love and I would like to keep them around.

During a trainer ride using a mac desktop app it is not possible to see which device it is pulling power and cadence readings from. It just shows the devices connected and a power reading. On the devices page, for the Stages crank, it allows you to opt out of using its cadence. It would be amazing to have this option for the Kinetic trainer for each of it’s outputs to select if I wanted it to pull speed and/or cadence and/or power.

Is there any way to guarantee my power reading is always coming from Stages? I haven’t tried this on my iPad but will do that tonight.

When I got a PM I ended up just removing the battery from my inRide just to keep it from turning on. My bike has a wheel sensor so I still get speed and mile estimates. Probably not the perfect solution but you can buy wheel sensors pretty cheap.

I saw you had the same setup from another post and was hoping you would chime in. That’s not a bad idea.

I run KK trainer
Ride Sence wheel speed sensor
Pioneer left crank PM w/Cadence
Here is today’s ride showing estimated speed and distance