Stage race every other weekend - what do do inbetween?

On the podcast, it has been said that every race can’t be an A race. Therefore tapering into every race is not feasible.

I am running into an issue that every other weekend in the southeast is a stage race. Either being 2 days with 3 races or 3 days with 4 races. Regardless, they are hot and brutal.

Pre-race season I was putting in about 11 hours a week, sticking to a more polarized approach using the main V02 intervals.

The week leading up to the race I am putting in one V02 interval session, and keeping volume generally low - about 3 hours.

The week following a race I am taking about two days and try to come back to 8-10 hours.

Is this a good approach? I am beginning to feel a but “fat”

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Broadly speaking - what you’re doing sounds like what I’d be doing

Say you’re racing week 0, 2, 4, 6, etc. I’d probably try to do something like this

Week 0 - During the week: low volume/high intensity 2x, low intensity 2x, then race the weekend
Week 1 - higher volume, low intensity. Start with recovery intensity, never go above endurance. Then a longer ride on the weekend

Volume really depends on where you’re coming from and how your body is feeling - err on the side of less than you need

Agree that it is hard to figure out what to do between these huge races that aren’t strictly your A races - in the Midwest we have Tour of America’s Dairyland (10 crits in 11 days, this year) and the Intelligentsia Cup (9 crits in 10 days this year) separated by less than 3 weeks. I took the first week after ToAD to recover, this week I’m doing unstructured stuff for fun (practice crit Tuesday, chill group ride Wednesday, track race Thursday, crit Sunday). Next week I might do one hard workout early in the week before backing off ahead of Intelli starting.