Any Stac Zero Halcyon Users out There?

I’ve just found out that after 4iiii’ acquisition of Stac Zero that they are no longer offering any form of support these trainers… I’ve started having a problem with the power spiking by the power easing, then as my cadence momentarily picking up in response, spiking. I’ve noticed that the magnetic unit seems to be loose at the back but don’t know if it’s always been that way and so don’t want to try tightening things that shouldn’t be tightened. Could anyone help me please.

I just checked mine and it is rock solid. I would say that is your issue

Many thanks, I’ll tighten it up and give it a go.

I have had an issue with mine when the wheel wasn’t centered, it would have trouble holding power and I’d have something like what you describe - one of the arms would pull away, resistance would drop, then as I start upping my cadence the arm would came back in and add back a lot of resistance (repeat ad infinitum). Adjusting the skewer cups to get the wheel more centered resolved it for me.

Mine is also an original STAC Zero with the upgraded Halcyon resistance unit, so I had some “fun” initially getting it centered and aligned, but that’s been resolved for close to two years now.

Thanks for both your replies. I’ve tightened the nut up and made sure everything is centred via the app. I’ve also cleaned the magnets as there was quite a bit of wax impregnated with microscopic bits of metal but it’s still doing it. Possible one of the motors that move the magnets is knackered. Anyway I’m going to get out my old Kinetic Rock & Roll which thankfully I didn’t sell and use that for a while. I’ve been looking at getting an Elite Suito or Kickr Core a a replacement but with so much on the internet about accuracy issues and other problems I don’t really want to spend the money and get something that give me problems. I think I made a mistake getting the Stac and don’t want to make another one.

Some people have reported issues with this trainer.

There is a thread about a component that might die prematurely.

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That was me, one of my linear actuators that move the magnets failed, followed by the other one just three weeks later. In both cases they froze, the first time a good distance from the wheel making me spin out before any resistance came in, the second time close to the wheel leaving it rideable, but at constant resistance - no hills in Sim mode! In both cases prior to failure the resistance fluctuated for a period that was seconds rather than minutes, but plenty long enough to wonder what on earth was going on! If both of the magnets on your Halcyon seek the wheel rims on startup then the linear actuators are not seized solid as mine were at failure.

Thanks - I’ve posted on the other thread. My feeling at the moment is that I’d be throwing good money after bad if I replaced both of them.