SSBMV II Sunday rides

The 2 hr rides are killing me. Just can’t complete mainly because of saddle issues. Rather than quitting ride altogether I have been stopping after about an hour and a half getting off bike stretching and getting back on. I know this is not ideal but is that last half hour a waste?

Absolutely not a waste. If you struggle that much take a quick break every 30 minutes. Or try standing for 20 seconds every 10 minutes.


Yeah, longer workouts can be a total slog and tough on the nether regions!

There is loads of useful info on some other posts about improving comfort, including things like saddle adjustment and even rocker plates. But in terms of your question I think you’re ok as long as you keep the breaks short and stick to the recovery valleys. Those long rides are, I believe, designed to improve muscular endurance so too long a break will impact that.

Have a read of the blog post below, it might be useful and includes info on pausing workouts

And here’s the forum chat on soreness ‘down below’

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I’m probably stating the obvious but I’d worry less about the lost half hour and more about finding a saddle or bike position that works for you. Riding indoors can be more of a pain in the rear than outdoors but I don’t think you should be in that much discomfort that you physically can’t sit on the bike for that duration.

Long term that will bring many more benefits.


Not sure I agree that the saddle is the issue. By all means get it checked out but I’ve done a 14 hour ride (probably around 12 hours actually in the saddle) with zero bum issues but any turbo ride over an hour and it starts going a bit numb.

I’m looking for the same advice. Is it okay to get off for a bit and then finish off?

Unfortunately I have a lot of weight to lose. Lot of pressure on the saddle area

Note that there are three differences between SSB LV and MV:

  1. MV adds a shortish aerobic ride on Wednesday.
  2. MV adds a long SS session on Sunday.
  3. MV upgrades some of the T/Th/Sa workouts to longer versions.

So if you don’t get 100% on the W and Su rides, you are still training harder than LV.

Also bear in mind that if you have to bail at 1.5 hr, then come back and do the other .5 hr, you’re better off than if you didn’t come back for the rest, yes?


Two words - rocker plate