SRAM Red RD Spring Replacement

Hey all,

On a ride this weekend I heard a snap and my RD was useless. No tension, so could shift up the cassette fine, but not down. When I got home I confirmed my suspicion that the return spring was busted. From what I could find online it seems like they aren’t replaceable on a Red22 RD and I’ll need to replace the whole thing.

Anyone had any luck replacing it? Doing it themselves? LBS? SRAM support?

Thanks in advance!

Here is a search with some potential options to review (pages and videos):

Thanks Chad, this is pretty much what I read. All the posts seem to be fairly old, so was hoping (with little actual hope) that something changed in the past few years (bike is '16 Cannondale)

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Copy that. Wasn’t sure how similar or different they were.

doesn’t appear to be a part you can order based on the catalog:

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