Sram AXS Pairing Issue

Having a heck of a time trying to put a new (to me) rear derailleur on my gravel bike.

It’s currently a mullet with Eagle derailleur and Force shifters. Trying to put a Force derailleur on.

The derailleur works fine. The app can find it and I can shift it using the AXS button on the derailleur. The issue is I can’t pair it with the shifters. Every time I try to pair the derailleur with the shifters the app shows a Red FD and Red shifters which I assume are the previous owners. I don’t own those and never have. I can’t seem to find a way to delete them, unpair them, or break the connection between them and the rear derailleur.

I even tried setting up a new bike in the app but as soon as I pair the derailleur (even if I pair the shifters first) the Force shifters disappear and the ghost Red shifters (and ghost FD) come back.

I’m just a luddite trying my dangdest here but can’t seem to figure this out. Am I missing something?

Ensure all AXS components are “asleep”. Close the app and swipe away completely. Temporarily turn off Bluetooth on your phone. Ensure no other devices are connected or can be connected to your AXS components once they are awake (bike computers, iPad, trainer, etc.). Then…

Hold down the AXS button on the rear derailleur until the LED blinks green, then hold down the AXS button on the remote/shifter until the LED on that blinks green. Then push the AXS button on the rear derailleur a final time and both LEDs will turn off. This should mean that both units are paired and good to go.


This was the answer. I took a break and went for a walk with the dogs to ponder life and all things Sram and remembered I could just do it this way.

Is there a way with the app? Seems silly you can’t do it that way.

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