SRAM Recall for all 12 Spd AXS brake levers…

Maybe Shimano is gonna end up looking like the good guys?!?!L

Don’t have any additional info other than the above at this time.


Curious on details, but reminds me of SRAM’s big recall with their first round of Road Hydro Shift/Brake levers around 2015/2016 IIRC.

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Same. Mine fall under that, and it’s actually good timing as my season is pretty much done and my levers have some dents (well - chips), so replacements would be noice.

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I knew I shouldn’t have upgraded this decade.


So AXS was first introduced in what…2019, I think? Pretty sure it was pre-COVID.

Across 4 different groups (Red, Force, Rival, Apex), that is gonna add up to a LOT of brake levers. Using the Shimano recall as a reference point (admittedly longer in time frame, but smaller in group exposure), we are probably talking about MILLIONS of brake levers.


Woah, I’ve got those on 3 different bikes that would qualify based on that description.

Yea, this has to be bigger numbers than Shimano cranks. Wonder what it’s going to do to the OEM market. That’s like half of all new “performance” bikes are spec’d with those. For Specialized that’s the Aethos, Tarmac, Roubaix, Crux, Diverge. So many across all brands.

I’ve already had one AXS shifter replaced under warranty due to a known battery draining issue. If this is really rolling out, I guess I am getting another new set :man_shrugging:

Looks to be a lever/bar securing bolt replacement only? It’ll be a simple swap if that’s the case.


I’ve got two bikes with Shimano recalled cranks! What the hell happened to ‘quality control’, and ‘effective engineering’? Are they engineering to that low of a bar that they get burned by their own junk? Yeah, apparently, sadly, tragically… And we pay HOW MUCH for this stuff?

I’m rethinking the law! ‘n+1’ can get you into a lot of time shuttling bikes to ‘inspection centers’, and waiting for repairs.

A small local bike shop was just getting into the ‘road race bike’ market, and several of their bikes were the earlier SRAMM recall mentioned above from years ago. Some of their bikes were tied up in the recall for over a year. For them, that really hurt. Ouch…

BTW, I’m not riding the worst of the Ultegra cranks, and my favorite bike. Damn… It’s not like cranks and brakes aren’t important or anything.

I really hope that’s the case, because I have 4 impacted bikes in the house, and one that looks to have missed the recall cut off by 1 week. If it’s a full lever replacement, I can’t imagine SRAM would have manufacturing capacity to provide enough replacement levers for months, if not years.

This is not much of anything, one bolt to be replaced on in-stock shifters at retailers.


Did anyone get a notice from sram (app, email?)

That is… uneventful.

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My shifters moved a bit initially, so I redid them a few times and they are rock solid now even when doing all out standing anaerobic/sprint efforts ( or maybe I am just not strong enough)


According to the available info the recall is related to the lever attachment bolts, as @GPLama wrote.

When you build the bike and attach the levers to the bar, you always check that they are tight enough. And especially if you let someone else build the bike, you check that everything is tightened correctly.

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Glad it is not a more serious issue….good news for everyone, consumers and the industry.


I have 4 bikes, 2 Shimano, 2 SRAM. I now have an active recall on all of them. My life is complete!


Shifters on complete bikes “assembled or checked prior to delivery or installed by the retailer” are not affected by the recall.

Same thing here. I had an issue with the right lever moving but after re-doing it a couple of times and putting on some carbon paste it’s been solid for me

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