4iiii Podiiiium power meter

I have a 4iiii Power meter that uses the standard coin cell battery. I have had no issues with the powermeter, but thinking of getting another powermeter, and wondering if anyone is aware of any issues with the rechargeable version Podiiiium?

Not aware of any but the coin cell lasts a long time which I still have. Not sure the motivation to charge another gadget but maybe it is just me.

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I have a Podiiiium and zero issues. I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up another.

Thanks both.

I’m thinking of getting a 4iiii power meter, but can’t decide between the precision and podiiiium. If any of you were in my position, which would you choose? Positives or negatives with either one? Thanks.

It really comes down to your battery preference, as the connectivity and accuracy specs are identical.

I originally bought a Precision because I found a killer deal, but was unlucky and had some connectivity issues that I don’t think were widely experienced with other 4iiii users. Support was super responsive, and while I ultimately had a lemon, I replaced it with a Podiiiium since the Precision in my crank size was sold out and I thought the quality of 4iiii support was excellent. Podiiiium is working great, and I like like the aesthetic better…like that actually matters for a hidden power meter :-p


I’d stick with the coin cell.

CR2032s are ubiquitous, cheap, and easy to stash in your glovebox, saddlebag, and at home. Never will you be faced with a situation where your power meter is out of juice with no recourse.

Just make sure you get lithium, not alkaline versions.

Rechargeable batteries for power meters are, IMHO, solutions looking for problems.


Coin cell for sure as mine lasts forever. Well not forever but stellar.


Battery for me too. I’ve got 2 4iiii’s, both battery powered. I keep a spare in saddle bag/wallet so if I lose power on ride, I just throw a new one in. I’m about to send a hollowgram crank for a fit and it will be a Precision.


Thank you to all of you for the advice on which 4iiii meter to choose. :+1:t2:

Search in Google for the 4iiiii 0w problem, 4iiii error 20 unable to calibrate…12 months mine lasted, ofc theres people with zero issues
I definitively won’t get a Preciiiision again, dont know how the Podiiiium is working.

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