SRAM outlet scam

Has anyone come across before? I was looking for a new cassette and since it’s out of stock at my LBSs and regular online retailers I started searching elsewhere.

Nothing about the website seems legit – the prices are way too good to be true (e.g. 81 USD for a 1290 cassette which retails for 377 USD) – but it’s surprisingly functional, and I imagine some people wouldn’t think twice about ordering through it.

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That font should be all you need to see to make you run away


I found this one yesterday looking for a part on google shopping. Selling complete ebikes for $80 was an easy tipoff. Same font and weirdness.

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i would agree 100% with @iamuwere’s comment. I’ve yet to see a “legit” business website that uses an obscure font like that. Maybe YOU could be the guinea pig for all the rest of the TR/SRAM users worldwide and buy something? :rofl:

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Yeah, the price is a dead giveaway too.

Gambacicli US sells this for about $275 + shipping along with all the other EU retailers, so $81 would be a clapped out used price.

Haha the font was an immediate red-flag, but we’re not all designers :laughing: I was willing to give the font a pass if everything else seemed legit, but the prices removed any doubt of the site being a scam.

I suppose I’ll report the site to SRAM and hopefully their legal team will look into it.


Anyone local that can visit them?

Or give them a call, oh no telephone number.

This looks similar to another scam site I had some experience with. The scammers are getting quite adept at working the system. The short answer is no, your credit card dispute process will not protect you from scams like this.

That font would make me run a mile too, but I am just trying to understand why :thinking: Why would you go to a reasonable effort to set up a scam site, only to have it in a terrible font that will scare most folk away :exploding_head:

google street view - guessing suite 301 would be floor three? Just going to pop i…

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same page layout, better font? same address


Found one surfing one that the site is now dead and a few fishing ones.

also lease seems to be up in feb.

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Scam Site. Confirmed by cycling tips.



Interesting that is the same address. I wish I was local. I’d love to stop in and say hello

Another scam site which looks almost identical

Address says Phoenix, TX.

A few more SCAM according to have appeared.

FSA/Vision and SRAM have recently reported fraudulent new websites and British mountain bike and dirt jump bike DMR is the latest to be targeted.

Beware! More fake bike websites trying to scam you |