SRAM Force/Rival AXS shifter and Kickr question

I recently picked up a Cutthroat Apex 1 and knew I wanted hydro brakes asap. I was able to piece together an AXS mullet groupset but it would require me using a front Force shifter/caliper, and rear Rival shifter/caliper. Would these be different enough to be uncomfortable or cause other issues when riding?

My plan was to scour the web for the matching shifter and buy whichever shows up first haha. With availability these days I have no idea when that might happen. This would be my first time on SRAM and haven’t had a chance to really demo Force vs Rival.

Also, I have a 105 11 speed cassette on my Kickr that works with my current road bike (Ultegra) or MTB (XT/SLX 11 speed mix). I’m only with running in erg…will the Cutthroat with Eagle work on the 11 speed cassette? I’m hoping 1 cog might line up OK? Wasn’t sure if there were issues specific to the Eagle chain?


If the shifters are both new then the difference between Force and Rival shouldn’t be much at all. Good enough for the trainer until you can match them up.

I have put my Eagle 12s MTB on my Kickr that has an 11-speed ultegra cassette and it was all good. You just need to find a cog that lines up and leave it there for ERG. The 12-speed chain is thinner than 11-speed, so you can use one on an 11-speed cassette ok. You just can’t go the opposite way and try to use 11 chain on a 12 cassette.

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Awesome thanks!!!