SRAM Force HRD pads for gravel...OEM organic vs OEM sintered vs Other?

I’m putting Force AXS HRD shifters on my gravel bike and I’m not sure what pads to use. When looking for options I came across the Bike Radar video below. Granted it’s a few years old, but it looks like wet gravel riding could kill the pads quickly. I’ve had great luck with Shimano organic pads on my road bike and previously used metallic pads on GRX Shimano calipers for gravel. My LBS recommended that after I killed a rotor on a gnarly descent on the original pads :flushed: :flushed:

I’m a bigger rider and using 180mm F/160mm rear rotors. Is it worth using the organic or sintered pads from SRAM, or is there a better aftermarket option? I like the idea of 4 piston Hope RX4+ calipers but don’t want to get rid of the SRAM calipers before even trying them.

Any help is appreciated!

I moved to metallic pads on my gravel bike and couldn’t be happier with the decision…would move to metallic pads for my road bike if I could, but my pads are proprietary (FSA) and are only offered in organic / resin.

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