Shimano Rotors with SRAM brakes

I currently have a set of Zipp 303s and would like to swap them between my road /gravel bike and my new TT bike. The Zipps currently have Shimano XT rotors as my bike has a GRX groupset. The new TT bike is going to have SRAM S-900 Aero HRD brakes so obviously the bike comes with SRAM rotors.

Will I be able to use one set of rotors between both bikes or am I likely to have lots of issues? Will I have to swap rotors every time I want to move the wheels between bikes? that will become old real fast.

Just make sure you are using similar types of pad material. I’d stick to resin/organic in this case


Most of my stuff is shimano, bought a used wheelset with sram rotors on it. They are indistinguishable between them and the shimanos. No difference in performance, fit or rub. As long as they’re the same size, it should be fine.

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I swapped my gravel bike from GRX to SRAM Force AXS. The Ultegra rotors had 2 sets worth of Shimano pads on them(about 18k miles) the new Force pads were loud and grindy. New rotors and pads and things are much better.

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I do this. I switched groupsets but the rotors I had were almost brand new so I left them on. Braking quality with a he Ultegra Rotors seems the same going from Ultegra to Rival calipers

Think the GRX Shimano ones are Resin as default? Will it say on the pads somewhere?

Looking up the SRAM ones they seem to be Steel-backed organic

Organic is the same thing as resin? so in theory they should be fine? I will probably just test as its cheaper but the best option is probably to get a third party pad that makes stuff for both shimano and sram and has exactly the same compound?

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Yes, you just dont want to mix semi-metallic or sintered pads with resin/organic

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Even Shimano mountain bike brakes come with resin pads by default, metal pads cost (a little) extra. I didn’t think about that when I upgraded to XT M8100 brakes last year.

One point about swapping rotor brands, and it is more MTB side but if you’re running magura calipers their rotors are 2mm as standard so I try to stick with magura rotors.