Kool Stop disc brake pads

Is anyone familiar with Kool Stop disc brake pads? I need to replace the Shimano pads in my Ultegra brakes and I’ve only ever used Shimano. My LBS carries Kool Stop organic brake pads and the tech there said it won’t last as long as the metal pads I normally use, but they provide better braking during their lifespan.


Ive never used their Disc brake pads but as a brand for rim brakes they are one of the best on the market. I hope they have carried that standard over to disc.

Organic pads from any brand wont last as long as metal. I just got trp pads as i cant get shimano either. They work just fine. And really, whats your other option? Get what you can use it and maybe shimano will be available after these wear out.

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Depends on the conditions…if you ride in the rain, organic pads tend to fare worse than metallic pads.


I am purchasing my pads from these guys and super happy with the braking power, life span and noise. Their website is in German but should be no issue with google translate etc.

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