Any Disc Brake Pad Nerds out there?

My SRAM Red AXS disc brake pads are getting a little thin and I’ll be replacing them, soon. Normally I’d replace with SRAM pads, but, I’ve used Jagwire and SwissStop rim and disc pads with success in the past and wondering if I should consider something else.

The OEM SRAM organic pads have been fine, but, I’m open to spending more if there’s something better or less for something equivalent.

For what it’s worth since I’ve switched to jagwire for both my mtb and gravel bike I’m never going back to anything else

I’ve tried a few pads, have been massively surprised by discobrakes. If you’re in the UK I’d definitely recommend them, if not then it’d depend on their shipping charges. Their ceramic and copper-free pads are a great upgrade from stock.

+1 for discobrakes

Thanks for the heads up on Disco - Sintered, Kevlar or ceramic and why?

I like organic pads for road riding in the summer – they don’t tend to squeal when they get wet. I switch to sintered/metal for cx season, though, because mud destroys organic pad very quickly. It looks like I’ve mostly bought jagwire, but I see a pair of gekors semi-metallic in there… which I must have raced on last fall.

I just use sintered as they are hard wearing and mostly quiet.

This video, although not scientific, is interesting: DiscoBrakes.Com :: Account :: Search Forum;

From personal experience as I said Ceramic or Copper Free seem best for me - if they wear quicker I’ll buy more sets for the price Discobrakes charge!

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Since you started this conversation, I’d like to expand the question:

What about pads made for e-bikes? For example, looking at SwissStop, they have this: Disc 32 E | SwissStop

With (alleged) characteristics of:

  • long lasting, high endurance pad compound
  • very easy modulation of braking force
  • high temperature stability for consistent brake power
  • organic formula is low noise and rotor friendly

While the “normal” version of these pads are described as:

High performance Kevlar, ceramic, brass and resin composite material. Provides excellent brake power with minimal effort at the brake lever. Performance is consistent in both wet and dry conditions and pad life is excellent. High quality springs included with every set (where applicable).

I’m thinking the e-bike pad is intended to stop a heavier machine. OR, is this just marketing? Does anyone have experience using e-bike-intended pads?

The video referenced above is done on an e-bike. Looks ceramic is really good - does the ebikea have battery regen? If not and you’re going to drag the brakes in downhills, you’ll want metallic. I’m going to give the Discobrakes ceramic pads a try.

I’m on the Swisstop RS rears and Exotherm fronts pads in Shimano DA callipers. Been on them a couple of months or so now and they’re awesome.

Modulation is really nice, repeat feel is always the same even on big descents. Much less noise in all conditions. No noticeable fade or anything like that. I’m really pleased with them and would recommend for sure.