S Works Dual Sided Power Crank on SRAM 1x Road Force

Has anyone here successfully done this? If so, what combination of spider / chainring did you use? Looking to be able to use a 48T and a 50T on my 2016 Allez Sprint 1x.

The issue:

The S Works crank uses a 110, 5 bolt BCD, carbon spider. The carbon spiders use a smaller diameter, “non-traditional” chainring bolt / nut combination. I understand this in terms of the carbon spider needing more material around the hole.

The issue is that there are no available 1x larger diameter chainrings drilled for this set up. Furthermore, alloy spiders that are available are 1) 4 bolt, which leaves you with a 42t chain ring as the largest 2) they are a twist design, which fouls on the drive side battery on the S Works crank.

Curious to hear what people have found.

Praxis makes a 1x chainring for this specific crankset

I think these are them but I could be wrong. I know they spec’d that crankset with a 1x on their SWorks Crux at one point

Thanks, good to know. The issue is the gearing. The 46T needs a threaded spider and that is absolutely the lowest that will work for me.

Praxis, Wolf Tooth, and Absolute Black said “sorry, but try somewhere else”. Any 110 BCD 1x chainring would work if the hole was a little smaller. I would however have to figure out the chainline.

Might have to sell this and pursue another option (really trying to avoid the Stages).

Road 1x’s are a niche item in an already niche market. What a PITA.

Might be worth reaching out to Amber BIkes.

FWIW, I’m very happy with my my Allez: SRAM Force cranks with power2max spider.

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