Sram Force 22 chainring question

I’m looking to replace the chainring on my force 22 and I’m not sure about which chainring I should purchase to be compatible. Specifically, it needs to be 110 bcd, 52T, work with a 36T inner ring, and its got whatever the design element is called where the one bolt is behind the one crankarm. And x-glide, whatever that means. The weird bolt behind the crankarm thing is my issue, the current chainring has some sort of integrated nut on it for that position.
If anyone on the forum has had to find this replacement and could point me in the correct direction to source it I’d appreciate the help.

Are you sure about the 110 BCD? I think SRAM makes up to 50t for 110 BCD, but the 52t is only 130 BCD I thought.

As for the hidden bolt, as I remember it’s just a two piece knurled insert that comes with the chainring bolt set. So you’re buying the chainring that looks like it’s got five equal holes and one of those gets that insert to go behind your crank arm.

Scratch my last about 110 vs 130 BCD.

It’s here I think: X-Glide Road 110BCD Chainrings | CR-XGLD-110-A1 | SRAM

That’s super helpful, thanks.
This is the info I was wondering about:

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Just make sure to follow the instructions for fully setting the knurled piece in place. Think they show clamping it in a vice. I’ve seen some that didn’t get properly set and they’ll spin when you’re trying to torque the chainring bolt.

I can’t seem to see info about whether or not that knurled piece is included. Maybe I’ll have to pop off the one on my current chainring and reuse?

Pretty sure it’ll be in there. They’re not meant to be removed and re-used.

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The knurled nut for the hidden bolt comes with the set of chainring bolts - I’d buy a new set of the bolts while you’re at it.

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Great, I appreciate the help. thanks!

You can get the hidden bolt kit for any ring -

You might be able to pound the existing one out.

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Thank you! I did manage to pound the old one out, I figured I might as well get it out in case the new chainring didn’t have one. It was super easy to get out, I screwed the bolt in a little bit, positioned the thing over the opening of a wrench, and hit it once with a hammer. Popped right out.

You will also have to move the little pin that keeps the chain from getting wedged between the crank arm and chainring…I can’t remember if it was just pressed in or if it was threaded.

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The pin is pressed in, not threaded. Tap it out with a nail punch or similar and then into the new position at 180 degrees (there’s a plastic cover there which you have to remove first!).

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