SRAM Blip/BlipBox/Shifter Question

I’m racing in the Valley of the Sun Stage Race this coming weekend and will be racing the TT on my normal road setup but with a disc wheel and some clip-ons thrown on. I currently run SRAMs eTap gruppo with blip satellite shifters already placed as “sprint” shifters and “climbing” shifters. I was hoping to add a couple blips to the end of my clip-ons to avoid breaking position to shift. This issue is that I don’t have any more ports in my shifters for another set of blips. I do have a blipbox that I could plug those “bar end” blips into, but does anyone know if I can have both my normal road shifters connected to the derailleurs as well having a blipbox connected to the derailleurs at the same time? Just trying to avoid unwrapping my bars and re-routing, most likely, the “climbing” blips to the clip-ons for only the TT before going back to my normal setup the next day.

TL;DR: Are you able to have both a pair of normal road SRAM eTap shifters and a BlipBox connected to the derailleurs at the same time?


Why don’t you try and pair both to the rear derailleur and see what happens? If you can’t then you should just pair to the blip box for the TT and forget about shifting from the levers as hopefully you’ll be in aero the whole time. Then after the TT when you take the clip ons off, repair to the shifters.

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