eTap vs di2 tt upgrate

Ok I’m looking to add some electronic shifting to my tt bike. I want to have the ability to shift from my TT bars and the brake hoods. Both DI2 and eTap will give me that option. Which one should I go with? My bike is DI2 ready.

I just got a Cervelo P3 with DI2 and it is a total game changer. Love the ability to shift (with a very light touch) from the bullhorns. That being said, the bike shop set it up. If I had to do all the wiring or if I had an older TT bike that wasn’t built with electronic shifting in mind, I might go with eTap.

If you got a good place to hide the blipbox, they etap has clear advantages. I’m thinking about the work to mount it all to the bike. Also if you wish to travel or change your position/swap extensions the etap is really good.

That being said, I have di2 on my own bike, but it’s because I bought it before etap existed, and put a lot of work into assembling it and integrating it. (to the extent that I don’t want to change anything right now in fear of having to redo it all)