Shimano Di2 Remote Sprint Shifter Compatible With SRAM eTap?

Hey there. I love and use SRAM eTap but, think the blips suck for remote sprint shift applications. Does anyone do this or is it even possible to use Shimano Di2 remote shifters with the SRAM eTap shifters? I’m looking at the SW-R9150’s like these:

Given the encryption on eTap, I am 99.999% confident the answer is no

Coming out. The blip and shimano remote shifters are both wired in…

Wired or wireless, they probably have to work on the same protocol/communication layer.

You could potentially rig up the actuators to a set of blips if you were very crafty. If you have a friend that is good at soldering you might be able to make it work.

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Forget who or what team but someone recently made it work at a UCI event. The team and/or rider wouldn’t say a word being sponsored by SRAM but the bike obviously had Di2 Sprint shifters on the bars.

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I believe it has been done.

Has anyone on here set this up? I know it works based on YT videos. What I’m hoping to find is the plugs that fit the RED shifters without buying a set of blips/mutliclics. It would be great to find a standard connector that fits the red port.