Anyone experience with SRAMs mechanical TT/Triathlon R2C (Return-To-Center) shifters?

Hi there,

thinking of upgrading my current mechanical Shimano 10Speed to 11sp for my 2014 BMC TM02, since components like rear derailleur are harder to get new now.

I like the idea of SRAMs R2C (Return-To-Center) shifters, but I’m not sure if they are working properly or are a pita, since reviews are sparse and outdated.

anyone insights, ideas or suggestions? :slight_smile:

cheers, j

I have used them for several years with 10s and didn’t notice any difference between them the standard bar ends they replaced. Actually have an 11s set in the basement somewhere but went electric and never used them.

Take home: RTCs are OK. Look cool. Work fine.

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found this from 2013

also found this from 2010

did you experienced any of the quirks mentioned (actually not sure why you’d need to hold the base bar for shifting). Are those technically the same as the ones you can buy today?

Nothing weird. Installed them and they shifted fine. I ride with my hands over the lever so wasn’t shifting with 1 finger as Nic suggests in that review. Perhaps that makes a difference with leverage and the shape of the R2C compared to the normal shifters. Don’t know.

Haven’t followed RTC shifters in terms of different versions or iterations so no help there.

From memory… there were sram specific and shimano specific versions of RCT. They didn’t mix and match well. Suggest ensuring the RCT index specification matches the rear mech. For 10s, I ran SRAM RCT with a Force derailleur and shimano cassettes in back and a shimano D/A front. Worked well.

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thanks, might give them a try :slight_smile: :v:

Shimano front derailleur with SRAM RTC index or friction shifter?

*still also considering DI2, but not sure if too much hassle installing and integrating everything

If ever there was a good application for electronic shifting it’s TTing. eTap just rocks.

Prior to eTap I was frustrated with friction shifting and was really happy with SRAM R2C. When you are on the rivet with friction shifting it seemed like I let up trying to feather the derailleur. R2C you can hit it and forget it. Anyway, I thought it was a step in the right direction and would recommend it.

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I know :slight_smile: just comes at a price

thanks for the heads up on R2C

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RTC index and worked just fine. Front derailleurs at that time, the SRAM mechs were not great. I’ve run shimano and campy front mechs with sram shifters to good effect. Have not tested every combination and this was 10s days so not that useful today as folks go to 11 and 12s.

FWIW, I swapped out mechanical for first gen Di2 as soon as there were TT shifters for Di2. That was not as easy at the time as there were no internal batteries and no holes in frames for cable routing. Solved the battery issue and drilled holes in frames to hide wires.

Di2 electric was magic on the TT bike. Could shift under load and from both the extensions and the cowhorns which is more useful than it might first appear. Particularly on technical TT courses.

I recently grabbed a SRAM wireless 11s group on closeout pricing (am cheap) and plan to convert my Shiv to wireless 11s. Didn’t go 12 as for the courses we ride 2x11 is more than fine.

TL/DR - If funds aren’t an issue, I wouldn’t mess with mechanical or Di2 for TT bikes any longer. Just do wireless and save a lot of hassle routing wires and hiding batteries.

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thanks for the detailed explanation

already checking eTap 11sp prices, 12 speed AXS is a no-go and even though the BMC comes with DI2 installation guide it looks cumbersome :thinking:

… on the other hand I like the simplicity of mechanical shifting, especially if R2C is a viable option

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I use and love them on my 1x 11spd setup with a clutched force rear derailleur. Easy to setup and use.


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good to hear! :slight_smile:

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