Sram AXS with Hammer 2 or 3

Seems like spacing is off a bit even with XDR driver, I actually backed the cass out 1 full turn so I can use 33T. With that said the chain is just about touching frame and hanger in 10T.

I’m having the same problem with my wahoo kickr core!

If I torque the cass down to spec the issue is the rear derl hits the body when in the 2nd largest cog and will not go in the 33T

By backing the cass out 1 full turn or adding a 1mm spacer behind the cass it will shift 100% and use 33T without any limit or shifter adjustment.

I now can run 10T to 33T but the chain is way to close in the 10T. My solution is not to use 10T until I can figure out a solution.

I’ve read somewhere (I can’t recall where), where Saris said that it’s not supported. You can mount it, but you can’t use the full range.

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I seem to remember seeing that stated from another user as well.

No time to search right now, but might be worth contacting Saris support for a direct answer.

Edit: Found a somewhat related comment in their support center:

I wonder if this also applies to AXS road (non-Eagle)?

Saris claims the AXS road and Hammer will work together but I’m finding it requires some modifications. As far as Eagle 12 I did read somewhere you will be unable to use the 50T.

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From @dcrainmaker review:

“Note that while SARIS has an XD/XDR adapter for the Hammer 3, that adapter is not 12-speed compatible. As such, if you’ve got a SRAM AXS or Force AXS equipped bike, you’ll need to look at other trainer options at this time (fwiw, Wahoo just released an adapter in August).”

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