Cost Efficient Power Meter Niner Hardtail

I have a 2021 Niner Air 9 with SX Eagle Drivetrain. Looking for a power meter compatible with this drivetrain, as soon as i dive into the google search i get lost in a hurry. Just curious if there is a easy option such as left hand crank arm option or a bolt on hub that is quick and easy and will get the job done. Coming into MTB from a Road/Triathlon backround and everything is more confusing to me.

Thanks in Advance!

In the US you could call and ask some questions

SRAM MTB cranks have a bunch of ribs on the back side of the crank arm. That means you have to get a new crank or use pedal or spider based power meter. Pedal based power meters aren’t the best match for MTB because people tend to strike their pedals on rocks and tree stumps.

Sigeyi and P2Max make relatively inexpensive spider power meters that are reliable. The thread below has lots of info.

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I have 2 of these and hands down they’re the best. Though NOT cost efficient.

Thank you all for the responses. I think i am going to try to find a spider based power meter. The xx1 eagle looks great, but it literally costs 1/2 of what the bike cost!

Quarq DZero XX1 Eagle AXS DUB Spider | Jenson USA with a chainring

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I have a sigeyi with sram gx and have been super pleased with it. Was able to calibrate it to my kickr to keep things consistent. 3 years old and going strong.

I have tried to find a solution for my old hardtail with three piece cranks, I want to use it as a travel bike and would like power. I am going to go with the garmin single sided pedals. For ~$500 I don’t have to change anything else and I can take those pedals to any other bike. I might be able to come up with something for $400 another way but if something goes wrong it will end up costing me more.

Good luck!