Sram axs controller battery draining really fast


I have a sram xx1 axs groupset that i have been using for 3 months. Today my controllers battery died. Is this normal?


Not in my experience. They are suppose to last a year I think. Apparently this isn’t all that uncommon though. It is possible the original battery was weak. I can’t tell you how many electronic items I’ve had where the OEM battery dies relatively quickly but when replaced the replacement will last for years.

There was a recent thread over at MTBR about this and the post below by WR304 had some well thought out suggestions.

Original batteries can be old before they are installed by the manufacturer. Bought in bulk usually from a company that submitted a low bid.
If the same thing happens with a new battery “with a recent manufacturing date” then you have a short or something that’s pulling current even when off…

For me the experience was opposite, the out of the box batteries lasted a year but the replacements just a few days. Lesson learned, buy expensive new branded batteries, not cheap IKEA ones

I agree about IKEA batteries. I get lots of intermittent “low battery” warnings with my PM and HRM.

Back when I ran etap, I used Energizer batteries and the only reason I replaced a set was because they were two years old… never got a low battery warning.

The coin cell batteries are a roll of the dice. Get the LiCB, Panasonic, or Renata brand. Cutout the battery in its individual blister pack and carry one with you.

If it’s draining fast, it’s probably because water is getting in when you’re washing the bike. Open up the battery and let it sit open for a few days to dry out, put a dab of grease on the o-ring on the battery cover when you replace the battery.

If it dies mid ride, take it out, stick it in your mouth to clean it off, dry it with your shirt, blow on it a few times, and replace. That should get you through your ride.

Same issue on my Right Shifter
I change more 10 battery on it
but never on the left
firmware are upgrade
I never found the solution