Change those axs shifter batteries

I’ve got axs on a mtb AMD a road bike. The wireless works well, but I’ve never loved the idea of being dependent on 4 batteries on my bike. I have my garmin synced and displays my “gear battery”, but i never know what it’s showing battery level for. Never seems to show full and usually in the middle.

1 mile into my ride this morning I get a “critical right shifter battery” notification, with no prior warning. 2 miles later and it’s dead and I’m heading home. Not a big deal, replaced battery and headed back out. It would have sucked 60 miles from home or even worse in a big race. Shifter was less than a year old. A little more warning would be nice. I guess I just need to swap them out whenever the power meter gets low just to be safe.

As much as I like the wireless install and being able to swap mtb and road components, I definitely appreciate my shimano stuff w a single battery for the entire system.

Yeah, gotta keep on top of charging the batteries, for sure! Do I have it wrong, or can you carry extra batteries for that group?

Aren’t the shifter batteries just coin cell batteries? Seems like a no-brainer to just carry a couple in your saddle bag…


Yeah, luckily it’s the same coin cell as all my power meters, so I sometimes one in my back pocket pack. Didn’t have one yesterday. It would still suck in a race where it could cause you to lose the pack or just burn a bunch of time. It’s nice that they can send an alert to the garmin, but a little more lead time would be better. All my power meters give plenty of warning to get several more rides in

Changed mine on Friday! Knew it was time from but kept forgetting. Went out Thursday for a short 1 hour ride and first got Front Derailleur Battery Critical alert, and then Shift Sensor Battery Critical alert.

If you are going to pack a spare battery, pack a nickel to open/close the door on the shifter!

Long time eTap and now AXS user. I’m responding a bit more than the OP’s Q on the off chance another new user will find this useful…The LCD light on the inside of the shift paddle is another way to tell if the CR2032’s in the shifters are getting close to depletion.

In 4 years of eTap 11 I only replaced the shifter batteries one time. Seems crazy as I put in decent time. After 1 year with AXS I still have yet to replace the shifter batteries. With a critical Batt warning then almost instantly dead I wonder if something else is wrong? I was getting low batt warnings for weeks until I figured out the shifter batteries needed to be replaced. Initially I thought it was the FD/RD batts, then I thought it was my Quarq, then I thought it was my HR monitor then my Wahoo. Finally, it dawned on me…I’m slow. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For AXS as @bbarrera wrote you just need a coin to access the battery compartment under the hoods. Super convenient unlike the eTap 11 which had 3 small screws on the side of the shifter to access the battery compartment.

So far the AXS front and rear derailleur batteries seem to last longer which is puzzling as they are the same battery. Perhaps the derailleurs use less energy per/shift???

Thanks for posting that, I noticed before changing the battery.

The odd thing is had battery info from the Garmin rides, but when I tried to get battery status via the AXS app on iPhone, it only gave me battery status for the derailleurs and Quarq PM. And while pushing the button on shift lever to connect to phone app, I saw it flash green and the quickly flash yellow for a second or two.

Yellow on the shifter or Quarq?

Shifter. I think it was yellow. Or red. Green upon waking up, and then a brief flashing of yellow or red.

Somewhat disappointed they put crap CR2033 batteries in these Rival shifters. Picked up the bike less than 3 months ago.

I’m 99% sure there is only green, red and flashing red on the shift paddles. Regardless, green on wake then flashing red I’ve not seen. Searching has only led me down some other rabbit holes…Ironically, I’ve seen that on a Quarq IIRC.

Yeah I have Force a little over 1 year old and I just checked…They have Murata written on them…

edit: murata

That will be Murata

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oops. Yep. Thanks for the correction.

I think they are actually a pretty solid performing brand…only chipped in as they just gave my son a job :wink: :+1:

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Yeah so far so good for me. I just posted to see if they were the same as what @bbarrera had in his Rival AXS.

Just checked the special waste pile and the Rival’s had muRata which is the same batteries as the ever reliable Sonys I usually buy. I’ve got 10 Sony CR2032 batteries and they were also made in Indonesia.

Either two old batteries, or the Force levers are acting up. Geek alert… The Garmin fit files show “new” battery status up until Sept 14 ride when it shows “ok” status, and the “ok” until the end of Thursday’s ride when it shows “critical” (it was “ok” at beginning). The battery voltage in the fit files all the way back to first ride in July shows 2.9375 volts which is odd. SRAM might need to update the firmware on the levers…

Wed ride in


Thur ride:



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thats odd but thanks for the heads-up as I’ll keep an eye on mine.

When I bought my bike about 8 weeks ago and was talking to the mechanic at the LBS about AXS, he mentioned he didnt know a single customer that had yet had to replace the AXS shifter batteries, and expected them to last a very very long time on that basis.

Depressing knowing mechanical is going away.