Sram 12 speed AXS rear derailleur pulley wheels

One of the pulley wheels on my derailleur is completely fried from cyclocross. The only wheels I can find that actually say “12 speed AXS” are the super expensive ceramic kind (which I can’t afford and seem stupid to use for cross). But I’m looking at the pulley and it looks EXACTLY like the 11 speed pulleys that I find all over the internet. Does anyone know if the AXS derailleurs are actually using the original 11 speed pulleys? Thanks

That’s for the older derailleur. I don’t know which series you have. But, I believe you can take apart the pulley wheels, clean, and repack the bearings, at least on the MTB you can.

first is for Red. second is for force. third is for rival.

And this is for what you really should be referencing for actual SKU part numbers.

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