ELI5 SRAM AXS drive train options

I am considering a drivetrain upgrade on my old Cervelo RS from it’s current compact crank/12-27 setup and I feel like between the lack of availability and complexity of the offerings the universe is trying to dissuade me. Can anyone validate the following statements as true:

  • Anything “AXS”, “eTap”, or “XPLR” is all wireless
  • Rival AXS derailleur will max out at 10-36, but if I get the Rival XPLR AXS derailleur it will run up to the 10-44 cassette (will it still run the 10-36?)
  • If I want to run this as a 1x setup I still need two (left/right) SRAM AXS shifters since the up/down is left/right controlled, vs one shifter per derailleur (these seem extra hard to find in stock)
  • Any SRAM 1x 12sp crank is fine

If you have any experience or wisdom to add to this process appreciate it. If you know of any place to buy this stuff online in NAMER other than competitivecyclist.com and jensonusa.com that would also help.

To answer your questions:

  • Yes, all eTap (including eTap AXS) is wireless, with the exception of satellite shifters. Although SRAM makes wireless versions of those now, too.
  • Yes, the standard Rival AXS rear derailleur will max out at 10–36. The Rival AXS XPLR can take the 10–36 and 10–44 cassette. You could buy a bike and two wheelsets, use the 10–36 for road rides and the 10–44 for gravel.
  • Yes, you will need two electronic shifters. One shifter gives you one pedal. (Perhaps you could get away with a satellite shifter and a single shifter, but I would strongly discourage anyone from even trying.)
  • Yes. A good combination would be Rival AXS everywhere except for a Red crank. You’ll save quite a bit of weight this way. With a Force or Red crank you could also use a spider-based Quarq power meter, which is excellent.

I have a 1x12 SRAM setup with Force eTap AXS. I have a 42-tooth chainring and a 10–36 cassette. Love it to bits. I live at the Japanese coast, so I can ride pancake flat routes along the coast or venture into the mountains, literally going from sea level to 1,700 m above sea level in a single day. Gearing has never been an issue. My power meter has been completely boring: it just works. The only thing I had to do to it was change the battery once in about a year of operation.