Squeaky Cycleops Magnus?

Anybody ever experience squeaking from a cycleops Magnus? Where do I…umm… Lube it? I tried to drop a couple drops of lube on the sides of the roller but that doesn’t seem to work.


Thread title says “Magnus” and body text says “Hammer”.

Which are we talking about here?

Doh! Magnus. Fixed. Thanks Chad.

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First thing to rule out is that it’s not the tire and roller causing the issue. Make sure the tire and roller are clean and free from debris.

You might try to capture the noise with a camera or a friend listening closely, to try and locate the precise origin. That may help diagnose the issue.

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I’ll try that. Isopropyl alcohol?

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Yup, and a clean rag or paper towel is what I use.

Probably not the issue, but it’s worth a try.

On low tyre pressure and/or low roller pressure the tyre might squeak because of slippage. This won’t get better as you ride on - you’ll just shred your tyre.
On high tyre pressure and/or high roller pressure, the tyre might squeak during warmup. Reasons unknown. After 5-10 minutes it should be gone. This won’t shred your tyre.

And yes, clean your tyre with something that doesn’t leave a film. Window cleaner works as well.

Edit: I’m assuming it squeaks on pedal down stroke.

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