Disc Brakes and Pads that *DON'T* squeal?

is this possible?

without disassembling my bike and putting parts into the oven and sandpapering my rotors every week?

I care zero what I pay at this point. tried everything shimano has. I tried absolute black.

suggestions on what to try next?

shimano road bike and I ride in all conditions.


anyone try Galfer Rotors?

Vibrations are present in almost every brake system but it’s when the vibration oscillations increase in speed to a point at which the frequency becomes audible to the human ear that it becomes an issue.

I don’t believe it is.


yeah it’s really bad. it’s basically embarrassing to brake around people. I shout out to people ahead of time that I’m sorry.

I have tried *EVERYTHING. baking, scrubbing, rotors that cost 25% more because they have black paint on them, resin, metal. upgraded to the dura-ace brake system, new lines, etc etc etc etc…

It’s more about keeping them clean. Some pads leave less residue than others but as far as I know all pads and rotors are susceptible to squeal.

Rotors are very sensitive to any kind of contamination. That includes skin oils. There’s a high chance of transferring any kind of residue, even if you don’t touch the breaking surface or use gloves.

While it’s important to clean them frequently, it’s better to avoid direct contact.

Edit: sometimes trying to get rid of the squeal makes it worse because you can contaminate them every time you manipulate them. So, it’s a vicious cycle.

It sounds contradictory but the point is to do the least to keep them clean.

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i know people will think i’m doing something wrong.

I install brand new everything and a week later everything is squealing.

I have tried every type of maintenance and combo possible with shimano gear. looking to try a complete new company.

Not necessarily doing something wrong but maybe overdoing. I thought that “do not touch the rotors” warnings were an exaggeration but it’s true.

Also, grease from the drivetrain, hubs, lockings, spilled oil on the road, sweet, etc. All these things find their way into the rotors and pads.

You can try something like Silca’s break and drivetrain cleaner. Their cleaning wipes also work well in between washes.

how are you applying chain lube?

What kind of bike do you have? My LBS mechanic gave me a quick lesson wrt brake noise. Facing could be an issue. On my cervelo he beleived it wasn’t a problem… so we didnt look at mine. After a messy brake bleed job, he soaked my rotors and pads in alcohol and a little oven treatment and they are great. Actually until this recent teardown, I never had brake whine, just rub I couldnt figure out how to fix. He also showed me how to to micro adjust caliper position.

Almost anything works, as long as it’s clean and correctly set up.

If you’re getting recurring issues, either it’s alignment as per above or the caliper seals may be leaking - not necessarily a noticeable amount, but enough to contaminate everything. If you think this may be the case try sticking a bleed block in, packing around the caliper with tissue and zip tying the lever down overnight, then see if there’s any residue in the morning.


I don’t know if Gorillabrakes ship to the States but I’ve been very impressed with their Enduro Kevlar pads on my gravel bike for their lack of squeal to endurance.

I went through this on my first disc brakes - a Bullitt cargo bike that I rode through the winter. I eventually figured out that the caliper seals were leaking. I could tell because I would find circles matching the pistons on the back of the pads. That was the mineral oil that was causing me so much trouble. I replaced the front caliper and the problem has gone away. It was a hell of an intro to disc brakes.

I think you have a leaky caliper.

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Try thicker rotors, my mtb brakes are much quieter since I moved over to Magura which uses a 2mm rotor.

I’m pretty sure Shimano road calipers can fit 2mm rotors, and if you really want to spend cash go for Magura flat mount calipers and rotors.

Chances are it’s getting contaminated by grease/oil/fluid from your own bike leaking, you are contaminating things while cleaning /living your bike or is from the road during use of transport.

There’s also a weird way some Shimano breaks can self contaminate.

That is my guess.

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Not tried their rotors but really like their brake pads. So much so that all our MTBs are now running them. Cant remember last time I heard squealing brakes even in the wet.

So every time you get disc squeal, you clean your rotors? Do you also change the pads? Not changing the pads had been an issue in the past … my LBS mechanics insisted they could be sanded down, but once that gunk gets in there it’s in the pad for good in my experience.

Also, for a rotor cleaner/degreaser nothing, and I mean NOTHING, works as effectively as Dawn dishwashing soap. I’ve used simple green and other muc off products in the past, but nothing works as well as a bunch of Dawn in a little bit of water. I just had to do this yesterday with my MTB that has Deore calipers and Shimano rotors. Something got on the rear disc and not only was it wailing, it had lost 95% of its stopping power. I cleaned the rotor with Dawn, and did the TP test (that’s my term … I take a single square of toilet paper and run it over the inside and outside of the rotor — if there is any residue of anything at all on the TP, I rewash the rotor) only took 1 pass, swapped the pads and it was good to go.

Also … and this is a random aside … 4-5 years ago I was struggling with chronic brake squeal that kept popping up every two weeks until I isolated that it was always after our cleaning service was at the house. Turns out that the workers were wiping down my bike with Windex or Pledge or something. :man_shrugging:t3:

Good luck🤘


yeah i’ve seen those marks and bought new calipers twice now…once ultegra then the dura ace ones.

is there a fix for that? or just buy new ones?

i’ve been using silca degreaser and a microfiber cloth

when it gets bad i disassemble, sand, put the pads in the oven and i’m good for a while.

i’ll give the dawn a shot.

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ok i will make extra sure i’m being carefull…tytyty