Cycleops Hammer Squeaking

I can’t get a reply from Saris and would appreciate any advice please. I have a Hammer, 3 years old and it’s squeaking. Sounds a bit like a bird chirping and I suspect it is a wheel needing some oil or grease.
Have watched a video about taking the side panel off to access the workings but does anyone have any experience of this and common points to lubricate. Slightly nervous about doing anything to the trainer and inadvertently creating more problems.

I have fixed a problem similar to this with belt dressing.

I used a flashlight and found the belt location, the cogged side, and sprayed the belt lightly while a friend spun the pedals, to get it around the belt.

I sprayed about where the arrow was, as the belt rolled over the top of the idler pulley.

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Thank you, I never even considered it might be the belt. Checked out a few YouTube videos, mainly car timing belts, but similar diagnosis and solution. Will give this a try.

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I’m tearing mine down to spray lube on it this week

IMO, if you have the spray nozzle, you can access the belt through the slots without the need to remove the side panel.

looks like Auto zone carries it? Where did you purchase?

I did Amazon, but I suspect it can be found at auto and hardware stores, like you did.

Amazon is sold out

CRC makes it and is at most every auto parts store, it makes it tacky, not a lube…

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Will the crc from auto parts store work?

Yes CRC Belt conditioner is what you are after