Moving From Shimano SPD-SL Yellow Cleats to Blue Cleats

Does two things:

  1. Reduces amount of float. Yellow=6 degrees while blue=2 degrees.
  2. Reduces sideways cleat movement while riding (dynamic Q factor?). Yellow moves sideways approximately 5mm while blue is much less. Maybe 1-2mm (not exactly sure).

I was aware of #1 but, I’m embarrassed to say that after 20+ years using the yellow cleats I had never considered they move sideways so much and therefore potentially change Q factor throughout any given ride. NTTAWWT but, it’s just crazy I never really knew!

So after a few rides on the blue cleats I’m liking what I feel. More when high torque is applied say for example starting a sprint or accelerating out of a corner to hold a wheel etc…When the power is steady they feel no different than the yellows. I assume I’m feeling the reduction is sideways movement (not rotation) so perhaps less movement=quicker torque application and therefore power application? Question mark as I really don’t know…

For those who have moved from the yellow cleat to blue or red cleats did you keep the cleat in the same position? Or did you find you needed to move the cleat to increase or decrease Q factor? I sort of feel I need to move the cleat a little inboard to increase Q factor or move the shoe away from the bike. It’s just a feeling. Like when I apply high amounts of torque I’m on the outside of the shoe. FWIW my cleat position was set by a well known fitter who also works with a pro tour team doing fits. I’ll eventually talk with him but thought it was an interesting yet not deeply discussed topic. Cheers

I see somebody else saw this video in the last 24 hours…

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Switched from yellow to blue a couple of years ago. Didn’t like all the float with yellow cleats, especially when sprinting/hard efforts.

I had to tweak the cleat a little bit to fine tune my foot position. Basically set it up exactly as my yellow ones were and just tweaked to feel over a couple of rides to nail the position. I generally feel it in my knees when the position is wrong/uncomforable.

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