No float mtb/gravel pedal options? Can pedals w/ a platform reduce float?

Due to some old injuries from other sports, riding pedals with any float hurts one of my hips. On the road I ride 0-float Shimano cleats with Shimano pedals and that works great.

I’ve been doing some gravel riding and I’m looking for some input on pedals. I tried SPDs and that was a total no go. I’ve been using eggbeaters with 0-float cleats and that’s better, but there is still enough squish/foot movement that it causes pain. I’ve started using my road pedals and shoes on my gravel bike, but that is not a great option since I do sometimes need to walk. And I do want to be able to bail fast if needed.

Are there other pedal options? I was wondering if pedals with a bigger platform, like the Mallet E, might do a better job of holding my foot planted, or if I should just accept the limitations and use my road pedals and shoes.

Any input would be appreciated!

You will have to dig to find some (discontinued years ago), but the Speedplay Syzr Pedals had adjustable cleat float that could be set to zero.

Crank brother candy is an egg beater with a small platform and I believe a no float clear option, I’ve got ones with float.

I think they are ones with more of a platform but blanking on the model.

I have the mallet E on my gravel bike and am happy with them. Mostly for two different reasons, because I need float for a knee with cartridge damage. What I think you’ll appreciate is the pins and why I use that Crank Bros pedal specifically. I can clip out if it gets chunk, with my Five Tens still get a good purchase on the pedal but easy escape to dab or bail out, haven’t needed often but I feel better knowing it’s an option. When I’m clipped in the combo of cleats and pins lock my foot in place pretty solid.