Specialty Plan for Lumberjack 100?

Looking for sugestions on which specialty plan to choose for '23 lumberjack 100.

I assume it will take me 8-9 hours to finish.


On the podcast they mentioned using the Century plan for longer rides like this.

Don’t be tempted by the XC marathon plan. It’s better suited for 3-6 hours. The century plan has more emphasis on the sustained work found in longer rides.

I’ve done Lumberjack 3 times in the middle of my XC race season. You’d be fine with XCM and Rolling or Climbing Road Race. I’d pick whichever you think looks most appealing and fits into other races you have on the schedule. I’d just recommend changing Sundays to longer z2 working up to 5 hours. Also, getting in some longer days on the trails. If you’re in MI, doing 3 laps of Potawatomi is good prep.

Thank you both. I did XCM last year leading up to Breck Epic. This year I’m gonna switch to the polarized base and build, and then go with the Century specialty plan leading up to Lumberjack, and then peak again with the XCM specialty plan for Iceman in November.

Experiment of n=1 here we go.