Specialized XC Box on Scott Spark RC?

Anyone of you knows if its possible to mount a Specialized Swat XC Box on a Scott Spark RC size M ?
I’m sick of my saddlebag :slight_smile:

Yes! This is what I have been looking for and the price is great, thanks!

Like the OP I have been wanting to make a Swat box fit on my Spark (size small) but looked like there would have to be some mods to make it work. This setup is perfect as it looks like it has a rail similar to the Wolf Tooth B-rad to allow some adjustment.

Do you have one of these MI-XC? If so, have any pics?

I don’t, so I can’t speak to the quality. I tend to run a light hydration pack or a hip pack with a bottle holder. I have a Spark RC 900 WC as well, but I’ve never used a saddle bag outside of a MTB 100. For normal trail rides and races I Just have a condensed bag that I put in my jersey pocket with essentials.

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Another option would be using the following mounting bracket that would likely accommodate the Specialized Swat Box:

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this Lyne mini bag seems right for the spark:

but the swat box…hmm…seems to me its quite big compare to this tiny lyne box :slight_smile:

That looks super tight. The bottle seems like it would be a real pain to get back in while racing.
Is that your bike, or just a pic of someone else’s?

I bought this setup to try on my size small Spark. Going to try it with my Specialized Zee side load cage, hoping it works. Seems pretty nice for the money at first look. I’ll post pics when I get it mounted.


Well it fits, but only with a small bottle. Not sure if I’ll use this daily as I don’t normally wear a hydro pack and that little dude alone won’t get me far.