Specialized Torch 3.0 - cleat position

Hi all.

I have an older pair of specialized torch 3.0 shoes and love the fit but because of the fixed 3 bolts pattern I’m slightly far forward. This is problematic because of a chronic calf injury that is easily aggravated if my calf is being used a lot during longer rides… I therefore would benefit from having my cleats further back but cannot with my current shoes. Since I love the fit of the torch 3 and the s-works are just too expensive, do someone know if the new model of the torch 3 have a more rearward fixed 3 bolts setup?

FYI, I’ve tried high end Fizik and Shimano and do not work for me.

Thanks all!

You could re-drill the holes further back, or use these : https://mid-foot-cycling.com/

I’ve seen this before on Cam Nichols youtube channel with Neil. I dont especially like that some customization is required to make the cleat bolt shorter. Definitely a cheaper solution. Thanks for the link :grinning:

They haven’t updated the torch 3 in many years (not including color) as far as I know