Road shoes cleat adjustment range

I own a pair of s-works 6 and considering to buy a new pair of road shoes. And I really concern about the cleat adjustment range because I prefer setting my cleat further back.

S-works 6, S-works 7 and DMT SH1, their t-nuts can be reversed. Therefore, it can provide more fore and aft adjustment for the cleat.

However, I only found this design on these two brands. Is there any other brand have a similar design?

S-works 6

S-works 7


Shimano offers similar offset changes on their mid to high level shoes.

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Thank you, I just noticed that Shimano offer a similar adjustment too.

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For the road shoes I use they don’t have that adjustment option. For knee niggles I needed to move/turn my cleats further back than the shoes allowed and did so by filing the bolt heads to a smaller diameter (since they are button heads). We’re talking the Shimano SPD-SL cleats the bolts that they come with. It was a PITA but it bought me a few mm of additional adjustment in all directions.

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The Fizik R1 shoes also allow for this

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Bont & Lake shoes offer a large set back for cleats. For example by Bontrager shoes give me 12mm back from my metatarsal whereas my Bont Riots give me 25mm. I’ve just bought some Lakes and they give me 20mm

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